Air quality in the United States at the county level

Most of us go about our daily lives without giving much thought to the air we breathe. But there are times when we must be mindful of the air where we live, because air pollution may be high enough that our health could be affected. The US Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, measures the “cleanliness”Continue reading “Air quality in the United States at the county level”

The top 50 astronomy keywords of all time

In a previous post I took a look at the collaboration numbers among astronomers, and verified that groups of more than five coauthors have become prevalent in the last five years or so. A natural question that arises from this is “What are the most popular topics in astronomy publications?”. To answer this question, oneContinue reading “The top 50 astronomy keywords of all time”

A quick look at salaries in Austin

The city of Austin, Texas, is well known for being a center for technology and business. Many large companies, such as Dell, IBM, Google and National Instruments, to name a few,  are headquartered or have regional offices here. According to Wikipedia, Austin was ranked number 1 by Forbes among all big cities for jobs inContinue reading “A quick look at salaries in Austin”

How do physicists and astronomers team up to write research papers?

The way in which physicists and  astronomers team up to write technical papers has changed over the years, and not only is it interesting to look at this behavior for its own sake, but by analyzing the data it may be possible to better understand what role, if any, does the number of authors  haveContinue reading “How do physicists and astronomers team up to write research papers?”

Analyzing the ups and downs of planet factories

Planets, asteroids and comets are assembled inside mysterious gaseous structures called protoplanetary disks, which form around a newborn star (see Figure 1 below). The gas in these disks is turbulent due to a combination of magnetic, chemical and kinematic effects, and this turbulence is the driving agent behind a disk’s evolution. The stronger the turbulence,Continue reading “Analyzing the ups and downs of planet factories”